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Free Training of IDPs in Beeds Making and Sexual

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  •  Online: August 15, 17 and 19, 2022
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Amidst the ongoing socio-political crisis in the North-west and South-west regions, is the need for internally displaced persons (IDPs) to be empowered and drilled on the acquisition of certain skills that may enable them to make a living. Some of the IDPs reaching the Center region engage in activities such as bike riding, prostitution, housekeeping, hawking, and a lot more. In the process of doing this, some of them get exploited and even assaulted. In the quest for empowerment and providing this undermined community with noble bread-winning skills, DeWise foundation,  work, has been, over the past months organizing seminars to promote civic engagement, expose the IDPs to scholarship opportunities and others.

The Cameroon YES Alumni Association (CYAA) organized a training campaign hosting 31 IDPs girls,  from the age of 13 to 25 years Old in a religious premise at Etoug-ebe in Yaoundé, and gather experts from far and near to teach them on beads making (decoration of slippers, handbags, head scarfs, etc.)

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